Top 5 Techniques for IoT Scalability and Their Challenges

  • Network Security: The expansion in the volume of IoT devices is accompanied by an urgent need to secure the network against malicious attacks. We must define new protocols and incorporate encryption algorithms to enable high throughput.
  • Privacy: Ensuring the anonymity and individuality of IoT users must be critical for any IoT provider. And this will only get more challenging as more IoT devices enter an ever-expanding network.
  • Governance: Without a proper governance system for trust management between the user and provider, a breach of confidence between entities is imminent. This is one of the leading research challenges in IoT scalability.
  • Access Control: With the low bandwidth between the IoT device and the internet, low power usage, and distributed architecture, access control will be a challenge. So, conventional access control systems for admins and end-users must be refurbished as and when new IoT scalability challenges arrive.
  • Big Data Generation: IoT systems make programmed judgments based on categorized data compiled from multitudinous sensors. As data volume increases disproportionately with an increasing number of devices, scaling will present the challenge of large silos of Big Data. Determining the relevance of this data will require unprecedented computing power.



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